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1: Tracking all Vehicle 08/20/14 12:32 PM
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Tracking of Vehicles with a GPS tracking and or Chip will make it easy to track there location at all times, helping sorting out who is at fault with accident and hit and run, robbery, shooting from drive by or committing a crime or a crime that has been committed. Programming GPS tracking and or Chip to kill a engine or stop the use of the gas paddle for stopping drivers that endanger the public by not stopping for police and driving reckless at high speeds. All GPS tracking and or Micro Chips installed for tracking vehicle, will be installed and serviced by the Government of each country, to make sure no vehicle moves with out the GPS tracking and or Micro Chip . Installed in ever vehicle so all the info of the vehicle, car history. Size, model, owners or drivers and locations history sent to a data base to retrieve information easily.

Using GPS tracking tracking and or Chip or both will save a lot time and money, helping the police in all Department. Will be able to pick up so many traffic violation, giving police more time to deal with more important issues.
Fix GPS tracking and or Chip to be able to pick up a device put in the Deaf-Blind person cane or apps on phone to inform the drive that there is a blind person near them, so drive with due care. Also making it easy to track down hit and run vehicles or any one doing wrong in a vehicle..
Fix the GPS tracking and or Micro Chip so it can't be disconnected, if disconnect or tempered with, the vehicle will not start or send out an alert to police to stop the vehicle and compounded the vehicle till GPS tracking and or Micro Chip is connected.
GPS tracking or Micro Chip will help the police cut down on traffic, let the eyes in the sky control the roads and may be people would start adhering to the rules of the road. Police researching any crime, going into the data base to location of and all the vehicle that was in that area and time.
Crime should be down, because most crime is done with a vehicle, so let bust there bubble by using GPS tracking and or Micro Chip and making the world a little safer for us all.
With the Micro Chip working with GPS tracking or from GPS tracking, making the Micro Chip with a lot of space for so many more commands that can be used for safety. Giving distance and space between all traffic driving side by side and how close to centre line or lane lines and other lines.
Make it law for GPS tracking and or Micro Chip should be installed in every moving vehicle and have a Micro Chip sealed on front and or back of wind shield that can only be replaced when wind shield is damage, and sealed by FHWA or Government.
Having only a Gov. Department to install these chips, and if driving with out the GPS tracking and or Micro Chip the vehicle must be confiscated until one is installed.
The wind shield front and back would make a good place to install the Micro Chip for easy spotting by police or helicopter with an instrument.
Have an instrument for police to detect, if GPS tracking or Micro Chip is working or not, or tampered with.

Putting a handle on Transportation
Help make the roads safer for all.
More help with violation of the road.
Knowing where every vehicle has traveled and what time.
Having a database of all vehicle.
Working with vehicle company to get a kill switch for stopping cars that will comply with GPS tracking and or Micro Chip to stop violent drivers that will not stop, they could kill a lot of people driving recklessly.

Posted by Gregory Kent Smith

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