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11th Street Bridges Project

Washington, DC (Started 2008-07-02)

The incomplete freeway system in Southeast Washington forces drivers to exit the freeway onto neighborhood streets to reach their destinations. Some of the primary routes are through environmental justice neighborhoods. Freeway and local street... more

Aesthetic Guardrail Design, SR-20 - Ducken Road to Rosario

Aesthetic Guardrail Design, SR-20 - Ducken Road to Rosario

(Started 2000, Completed 2007)

The purpose of this project is to improve safety and reduce accident frequency and severity. Within this section of SR-20, a primary issue is upgrading it to bike touring standards.

AR 215, Ozark National Forest, AR

AR 215, Ozark National Forest, AR

Purpose and Need: Inadequate roadway for current and anticipated traffic - travel lane too narrow, surface rough (gravel), and unnecessary amount of dust and siltation produced, detracting from the personal experience and water quality of the streams... more

Bicycle Facilities in San Francisco

Bicycle Facilities in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

Bicycle lane at the Embarcadero. San Francisco has an extensive system of bike lanes that go over bridges, through parks, and at the waterfront. Some say that the Golden Gate Bridge trail is one of the premier walks/biking experiences in the world.

Bridges: Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Bridges: Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Pedestrians and bicyclists use a path on a deck above the road grade.

Bridges: Richmond, Virginia

Bridges: Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, VA

A set of slaloms form this unique cable suspended pedestrian bridge, hung between two wide columns.

Canal Parkway, from Wiley Ford Bridge to MD 51

Canal Parkway, from Wiley Ford Bridge to MD 51

Cumberland, MD (Started 1989, Completed 2001)

Prior to this roadway project, severe traffic congestion occurred daily at the Virginia Avenue underpass (locally known as the "subway") of CSXT tracks and its intersection with MD 51. When this facility was blocked (by accidents or flooding) there... more

Coastal Boulevard "Strandvejen" in Hellerup, Denmark

Coastal Boulevard "Strandvejen" in Hellerup, Denmark

Hellerup (Started 1983)

"The coastal boulevard Strandvejen through Hellerup is a textbook example of a heavily trafficked road where light road users have been given better conditions, among other things by the establishment of bicycle tracks and a central reservation."

Corridor Management Plan: Minnesota Highway 38 Edge of the Wilderness National Scenic Byway

Grand Rapids, MN (Completed 1995)

The purpose of creating a Corridor Management Plan was to coordinate the philosophies and activities of land management agencies with those of the state and county authorities responsible for planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining a... more

Façades, Festivals, and Footpaths: Greenville, Kentucky’s Downtown Redevelopment

Greenville, KY (Started 2007)

Five years ago if you took a stroll down Main Street in Greenville, Kentucky on a Saturday night you would have likely walked on deteriorated sidewalks, peered into vacant storefronts with dilapidated façades, and felt enveloped by silence and... more

Feasibility Study, Maine Route 1

Bath, ME (Completed 2005)

Public Engagement

A key component of the Bath Feasibility Study was public involvement. The outreach program included several public forums including a public goal-setting workshop, a public informational meeting and... more

Fernan Context Photo

Fernan Lake Road

(Started 2000, Completed 2006)

Fernan Lake Road is the primary recreational access to Fernan Lake in northern Idaho. It also provides access to residences, an established shooting range, and the Idaho Panhandle National Forest (IPNF) lands. The road is also used for commercial... more

Gateway 1: Collaborative planning for Midcoast Maine

(Started 2004)

Gateway 1 is a landmark long-term strategic land use and transportation planning project for the Midcoast Route 1 region in Maine. A collaboration amongst communities and state agencies, Gateway 1 explores new ways of combining transportation and... more

Green Ribbon Project

Houston, TX (Started 1997, Completed 2001)

The purpose of the Green Ribbon Project was to provide the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) with conceptual guidelines to integrate environmental aesthetics with roadway functionality. This project was intended to set forth a broad... more

Highway through Mutzig, France

Highway through Mutzig, France


"Mutzig is one of the many beautiful towns in Alsace, and the conversion that was made of the main street in the 1980s lives up completely to the inherent charm of the town."

Historic Columbia River Parkway

Historic Columbia River Parkway

Columbia River Gorge, OR

The first paved highway in the northwestern United States, the Columbia River Highway was conceived, designed, and constructed as both a scenic attraction and as a means of facilitating economic development along the Columbia River corridor between... more

Houghton Streetscape and Brick Street Re-Installation

Houghton, MI (Started 2007, Completed 2009)

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Ishpeming Transportation Service Center (TSC) and its partners took an innovative approach on the US-41 Houghton, Michigan, downtown streetscape project by, among other things, actually drawing... more

I-405 Corridor Program

(Completed 2005)

It is the intent of the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to integrate community values into the design of the I-405 Design/Build Project. As a consultant to WSDOT, HNTB is accomplishing this important goal by fully employing the... more

I-69 Scenic Corridor Management Study

(Completed 2004-10)

The study area encompassed approximately 47 miles of I-69 that passes through Branch and Calhoun counties. Landscapes within this corridor represent a variety of natural and built landscapes including active and fallow farmland, residential... more

I-70 Mountain Corridor

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) initiated the program based on a commitment made in the 106 Programmatic Agreement. This commitment charged CDOT to initiate a CSS project focused on the decision process and guidelines for all future... more

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