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This database includes both Case Studies that have been described in official publications and Projects that have been posted here by site members . To search for a particular project, enter a keyword or click on "Advanced Search."

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Bicycle Lane in St Petersburg, FL

Bicycle Lane in St Petersburg, FL

St Petersburg, FL

Bicycle lane next to parking lane on a one-way street in St Petersburg, FL. The street has three traffic lanes, one bike lane and curbside parallel parking lanes on each side. The city is working on a major trail linking from Pinellas Trail to Gandy... more

Bicycle Lanes in Portland, OR

Bicycle Lanes in Portland, OR

Portland, OR

Bicycle lane on Broadway; a multi-lane road. Portland's got it all - bike lanes, reduced lane widths, bicycle parking, floating pontoon trails, and many exceptional inventions.

Bulbout : Del Ray Beach, Florida

Bulbout : Del Ray Beach, Florida

Del Ray Beach, FL

Planted sidewalk extension with inset parallel parking on a commercial street.

Burlington, Iowa: Revitalizing a Struggling Small Downtown

Burlington, IA (Started 1999, Completed 2006)

Burlington, Iowa, was a significant Midwestern river and rail transportation hub from the 1820s til the mid-twentieth century. Manufacturing remains an important component of the local economy, but sprawling suburban development has made it... more

Converting Highways into Streets and Avenues

West Hartford, CT

Increasingly, localities around the country are beginning to realize the importance of converting urban highways into streets, avenues, and boulevards. The initial focus has been on restoring downtown main streets. States leading this trend... more

East Main Street

Westminster, MD (Started 1990, Completed 1994)

One community's concern over the proposed removal of mature trees to widen the main street of a historic district compelled state officials to dispatch a landscape architect to direct the project.

Edgewater Drive Before & After Re-Striping Results

College Park, FL (Started 2000, Completed 2001)

"The previous 4-lane configuration of Edgewater Drive [20,000 ADT] did not provide sufficient room for wider sidewalks, bicycle lanes, streetscape and other [neighborhood improvement plan] tasks. The [plan] identified that the only way to eventually... more

Main Street and the Blake Transit Center

Ann Arbor, MI (Started 1965)

We need to encourage people to spend more time downtown, not move through quickly. By widening the sidewalks or adding diagonal parking or taking a look at two-way traf- fic again, it would have some impact on the Blake Transit Center. People... more

State Highway 5 Corridor Context Sensitive Transportation Study (SH 5 Corridor Study)

McKinney, TX (Started 2013-02)

The purpose of the State Highway 5 Corridor Context Sensitive Transportation Study (SH 5 Corridor Study) is to formulate a corridor master plan that includes the “public realm” as well as the “private realm” in order to transform the entire... more

State Route 69, Boulder Main Street Rehabilitation

Boulder, MT

The purpose of this project was to address safety issues and citizens’ needs along route 69. A bridge that would blend with the existing terrain was also part of the project.

The Danville Project

Montpelier, VT (Started 2000, Completed 2010)

The Danville Transportation Enhancement Project is a partnership among the Vermont Arts Council, the Vermont Agency of Transportation [VTrans], and the Town of Danville, Vermont designed to integrate artistic enhancements into the redevelopment of a... more

University Place, WA

University Place, WA

University Place, WA

Bicycle lanes on a two-lane road feature a planted median and sidewalk with a green buffer. In some locations, bike lanes are also located next to parking lanes. In just five years, University Place went from no bike lanes to over 40 miles including... more

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