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3500 South EIS, Redwood Road to 8400 West

(Started 2002-03, Completed 2007)

Purpose and Need Problems and needs identified by the entire project team, including community are best seen on the attached pdf.

The Purpose and Need statement was developed through a collaborative effort between local... more

Churton Downtown

Hillsborough, NC

The following charge was given to responding correspondents for the downtown study: A Downtown Traffic Demand Management and efficiency assessment to include looking at signalization (timing, synchronization and dedicated left turns), turn... more

Davis Square

Somerville, MA

Somerville, Massachusetts, the most densely populated streetcar suburb in New England, is home to 76,000 people. In 1973, Davis Square, one of the city’s largest central squares and a traditional commercial center, was selected as the location... more

Downtown Revitalization and Access Improvements, US-395 - Colville

Downtown Revitalization and Access Improvements, US-395 - Colville

Colville, WA

The mixture of significant freight and highway traffic on Main Street with its multiple traffic lights and slower speeds has created congestion, noise, and air quality concerns.

Recycled facade from old Childrenメs Facility will be used on the MCPARC Welcome Center.

Fairmont Gateway Connector: Fairmont, WV

Providing an improved highway link between downtown Fairmont and I-79, the Fairmont Gateway Connector is a multi-phased economic development and transportation project that alleviates congestion while focusing on treasured community... more

Highway through Arnage, France

Highway through Arnage, France

Arnage (Started 1988)

"In Arnage, a suburb of Le Mans, the heavily trafficked main street has been rebuilt in order to improve both traffic safety and the quality of the urban environment."

Little Rock Roundabout - Arkansas

Little Rock Roundabout - Arkansas

Little Rock, AR (Started 2000, Completed 2001)

With the widening of W. 36th Street residents were concerned about higher traffic speeds. Some residents wanted speed humps installed. At the time a signalized intersection at W. 36th and Romine was not justified on traffic counts. The roundabout was... more

Mack Hatcher Parkway Before and After

Mack Hatcher Parkway Context Sensitive Design

Franklin, TN (Completed 2010)

State Route 397, the Mack Hatcher Memorial Parkway in Williamson County, is the primary transportation concern of the city of Franklin. Due to huge demands on current and future traffic, local and state officials have requested for TDOT to improve... more

Mount Rainier, MD, Neighborhood Conservation Project

Mount Rainier, MD, Neighborhood Conservation Project

Mount Rainier, MD (Started 1997-10, Completed 2002-08)

US Route 1 (Rhode Island Avenue) split the commercia of traffic with an ADT of 21,000. This division created numerous transportationl town center of Mount Rainier with a six-legged intersection and four lanes and urban design problems that hindered... more

Traffic volume, accident rate and pedestrian concerns required improvement of the intersection.

Oyster River Roundabout

West Haven, CT

Traffic volume, accident rate and pedestrian concerns required improvement of the intersection.

Rennes, France Approach Road

Rennes, France Approach Road


"As part of the French government's programme 'Ville plus sure, Quartiers sans accidents' (Safer Town, Urban Areas without Accidents) one of the approach roads to Rennes has been rebuilt. A roundabout has been established together with speed reducing... more

Roundabout in Vamdrup, Denmark

Roundabout in Vamdrup, Denmark

Vamdrup (Started 1989)

"In Vamdrup an intersection of 5 roads has been converted into a beautiful and well-functioning roundabout which not only solved a traffic problem, but also created a town space that is important for civic well-being."

Shopping Street in Vordingborg, Denmark

Shopping Street in Vordingborg, Denmark

Vordingborg (Started 1990, Completed 1992)

"The main shopping street in Vordingborg, Algade, has been converted from a one-way street to partly a pedestrian street, partly a 30 km/h street with commercial traffic allowed in both directions. The conversion has embellished the street and... more

Clearwater Residents at Roundabout

Skycrest Traffic Calming Project

Clearwater, FL

This study examines the impacts of converting three signalized intersections and three stop-controlled intersections to modern roundabouts. Five areas of impact are examined: traffic impacts, safety impacts, environmental impacts, social impacts and... more

One of eight roundabouts constructed (or to be constructed) on SR 179.

SR 179 Reconstruction

Sedona, AZ

The purpose of this project was to reconstruct SR 179 in the Sedona, AZ area to improve safety and mobility while preserving the scenic, aesthetic, historic, environmental and community values.

Through Road in Gerderath, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Through Road in Gerderath, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany


"In Gerderath two of the intersections have been rebuilt - resulting in positive visual and speed reducing effects. One intersection now has a raised area, the other has been converted to an asymmetrical roundabout."

Town Streets in Bain-de-Bretagne, France

Town Streets in Bain-de-Bretagne, France


"In Bain-de-Bretagne the relief caused by the construction of a bypass has been used as an opportunity to redesign the urban traffic network considerably."

Towson Roundabout

Towson Roundabout

Towson, MD

Towson, Maryland is a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland. Near the central part of the Towson business district, four major arterials converge at a single location. The awkward, multi-leg signalized intersection caused congestion and safety problems. In... more

US 395 Roundabout - Colville Roundabout

Colville, WA (Started 2000-11)

U.S. 395 is a major arterial and north/south international freight corridor, which follows Main Street through Colville. In partnership with the City of Colville, WSDOT coordinated the design and funding of its programmed U.S. 395 improvements... more

U.S. Route 62 Village of Hamburg

Hamburg, NY (Started 2007, Completed 2009)

The purpose of the project was to coordinate highway improvements and revitalization efforts in accordance with the Department’s Context Sensitive Solutions philosophy and Environmental Initiative. The intent is to incorporate the Village’s desire... more

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