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3500 South EIS, Redwood Road to 8400 West

(Started 2002-03, Completed 2007)

Purpose and Need Problems and needs identified by the entire project team, including community are best seen on the attached pdf.

The Purpose and Need statement was developed through a collaborative effort between local... more

6th Street Undercrossing

Santa Rosa, CA (Completed 2012)

This project creates a vital crosstown link for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles. On one side, it opens up into the West End Neighborhood, Railroad Square, the CHOPS Teen Center, the future SMART station, and miles of creek trails. On the... more

Earning rave reviews from the City of Shoreline and the public, the project garnered formal recognition from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) with its Globe Award, which honors U.S. transportation construction projects that demonstrate environmental excellence and stewardship and serve as role models for other projects.

Aurora Multimodal and Interurban Bridge Project

Shoreline, WA (Started 2007-06)

Community desires to improve the quality of life in the city; promote development; security; stormwater quality; aesthetics.

Canal Parkway, from Wiley Ford Bridge to MD 51

Canal Parkway, from Wiley Ford Bridge to MD 51

Cumberland, MD (Started 1989, Completed 2001)

Prior to this roadway project, severe traffic congestion occurred daily at the Virginia Avenue underpass (locally known as the "subway") of CSXT tracks and its intersection with MD 51. When this facility was blocked (by accidents or flooding) there... more

Cutler-Orosi, California: Community-Based Transportation Planning

Orosi, CA (Started 2001)

The two agricultural communities of Cutler and Orosi, CA were struggling with high poverty rates, inadequate water and sewer capacity, and a dangerous traffic problems on the main street/ state highway. Through an innovative design... more

Davis Square

Somerville, MA

Somerville, Massachusetts, the most densely populated streetcar suburb in New England, is home to 76,000 people. In 1973, Davis Square, one of the city’s largest central squares and a traditional commercial center, was selected as the location... more

Edgartown, Massachusetts: Promoting Walkable, Attractive Development on Upper Main Street

Edgartown, MA (Started 1990)

This case study examines ways in which to ensure the character, quality and pedestrian-orientation of historic, downtown main street facing typical, strip commercial, auto-oriented development patterns. The economy of this 19th century whaling... more

Façades, Festivals, and Footpaths: Greenville, Kentucky’s Downtown Redevelopment

Greenville, KY (Started 2007)

Five years ago if you took a stroll down Main Street in Greenville, Kentucky on a Saturday night you would have likely walked on deteriorated sidewalks, peered into vacant storefronts with dilapidated façades, and felt enveloped by silence and... more

Recycled facade from old Childrenメs Facility will be used on the MCPARC Welcome Center.

Fairmont Gateway Connector: Fairmont, WV

Providing an improved highway link between downtown Fairmont and I-79, the Fairmont Gateway Connector is a multi-phased economic development and transportation project that alleviates congestion while focusing on treasured community... more

Highway through Sdr. Sejerslev, Denmark

Highway through Sdr. Sejerslev, Denmark

Hojer (Started 1990)

"By establishing seven circular humps on the highway through Sdr. Sejerslev the country of Southern Jutland has achieved a considerable speed reduction. An inquiry among the town inhabitants reveals widespread satisfaction with the scheme."

Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Indianapolis, IN (Started 2000, Completed 2013-05)

Leaders in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, wanted to make it easier for people to visit the city’s cultural districts, which were disconnected from the heart of downtown and didn’t get the attention they merited. In a city with a successful... more

Landscape and Interpretation Project, US-101

Landscape and Interpretation Project, US-101

Raymond, WA (Started 1993-06, Completed 1993-11)

This project was part of Washington's scenic byways improvement program. It was a top priority for the city of Raymond to create a visually appealing community for travelers along US-101 and to introduce travelers to the unique Willapa basin, with... more

Lincoln City, Oregon: Taft Village Redevelopment Plan

(Started 1999, Completed 2000)

This case study examines what can be done to revitalize a small urban village in a rural setting, with a state highway running through it. Lincoln City spans eight miles along the Pacific coast. Taft is one of the city's five villages, all of... more

M-25: White Rock Motorist Park

White Rock Motorist Park is located along Lake Huron off M-25 in Huron County. The park preserves the natural character of the site and enhances the travel experience. Components of the motorist park include a picnic area, restroom... more

M-52 Morenci: Gateway to Michigan

Morenci, MI (Completed 2004-10)

The city of Morenci is located In Lenawee County just north of the Ohio border.

Morenci is very proud to bill itself as the southernmost community and the friendliest gateway in Michigan. The sign and associated landscaping create a... more

Mack Hatcher Parkway Before and After

Mack Hatcher Parkway Context Sensitive Design

Franklin, TN (Completed 2010)

State Route 397, the Mack Hatcher Memorial Parkway in Williamson County, is the primary transportation concern of the city of Franklin. Due to huge demands on current and future traffic, local and state officials have requested for TDOT to improve... more

Main Streets: Greenville, South Carolina

Main Streets: Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, SC

Road diet, down to the basics brought back vital life.

Palo Alto, Stanford University , CA

Palo Alto, Stanford University , CA

Palo Alto, CA

Bicycle lanes on a two-way street near Stanford University featuring a signed crosswalk with a crossing island, part of a city-wide and campus-wide system of bicycle facilities.

Pere Marquette Rail-Trail Enhancement

(Started 2000-11-21, Completed 2001-08)

The purpose of the project was to create an extension of the existing Pere Marquette State Trail from the Midland/Isabella county line to Clare at the Isabella/Clare county line. The 14-foot asphalt trail was constructed on the old CSX Railroad... more

SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Project

SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Project

Seattle to Bellevue, WA (Started 1999, Completed 2017)

SR 520 links densely populated cities and some of the largest employers in the state. The one-and-a-half-mile long, 42 year-old SR 520 Evergreen Point Bridge is very vulnerable to windstorms and earthquakes and needs to be replaced.

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