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Bicycle Lanes in Portland, OR

Bicycle Lanes in Portland, OR

Portland, OR

Bicycle lane on Broadway; a multi-lane road. Portland's got it all - bike lanes, reduced lane widths, bicycle parking, floating pontoon trails, and many exceptional inventions.

Big Bear Plan

Big Bear Bridge

Big Bear, CA

Time, heavy use and severe weather has critically affected the road and the dam beneath it. Seismic retrofitting of the dam will require the elimination of the existing road, which has two 10.5' lanes with 0' shoulders and a 3.5' sidewalk which... more

Big Roads and CSS - Marquette Interchange

Milwaukee, WI


Blue Ridge Road Grade-Separation Project

Raleigh, NC (Started 2011)

The proposed Blue Ridge Road grade-separation project in west Raleigh will lower the grade of Blue Ridge Road, carrying it under (currently intersecting) Hillsborough Street and Beryl Drive, as well as a busy at-grade railroad crossing between the... more

Blue Water Bridge Aesthetic Design Guide

Port Huron, MI

Billions of dollars of trade pass through crossings in Michigan to and from Canada each year. At the Blue Water Bridge crossing, increases in wait time and new improved security measures require a redesign of the plaza and highway approach in the... more

The goal of the project is to develop Bridgeport Way as a corridor that will improve traffic safety, increase the mobility and cohesiveness of the community, enhance the appearance of the corridor, and control traffic growth.

Bridgeport Way Reconstruction

University Place, WA

The purpose of this project was to address the safety concerns due to the high number of crashes over the past years. At the same time it was viewed essential to the vision statement of the City Council that aimed in improving the quality of life in... more

Bridgeport Way - University Place, Washington

Bridgeport Way - University Place, Washington

University Place, WA (Started 1998-05, Completed 2002-06)

Bridgeport Way is a major urban arterial and it could be considered as a "Main Street" of University Place. The project involved reconstruction of an existing five-lane road into a four-lane divided roadway over a distance of approximately 1.5... more

Bridge Retrofits, I-70 North

St. Louis, MO (Started 2001, Completed 2002)

MoDOT had recently completed 10 miles of urban I-70 interstate using a standard design palette that neighboring residents disliked. Particularly when compared to recent context sensitive solutions development and community input in the adjacent... more

Bridges: Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Bridges: Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Pedestrians and bicyclists use a path on a deck above the road grade.

Bridges: Richmond, Virginia

Bridges: Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, VA

A set of slaloms form this unique cable suspended pedestrian bridge, hung between two wide columns.

Bruce R.Watkins Drive

Kansas City, MO (Completed 2001)

Bruce R. Watkins Drive, a Missouri Department of Transportation project, is a 10.2 mile-long artery, which links downtown Kansas City to Southtown. The design and construction of this project included aesthetic design with environmental... more

Bulbout: Cotati, California

Bulbout: Cotati, California

Cotati, CA

This sidewalk extension is under construction on Old Redwood Highway, a two-lane road in a small rural town.

Bulbout : Del Ray Beach, Florida

Bulbout : Del Ray Beach, Florida

Del Ray Beach, FL

Planted sidewalk extension with inset parallel parking on a commercial street.

Bulbouts in Anderson, SC

Bulbouts in Anderson, SC

Anderson, SC

Downtown Anderson, South Carolina features landscaped sidewalk extensions with inset diagonal parking, in addition to paved sidewalks and crosswalks.

Bulbouts in Birmingham, MI

Bulbouts in Birmingham, MI

Birmingham, MI

Birmingham has added sidewalk extensions to many of its street corners, some of which include landscaping and small planters.

Bulbouts in Davis, CA

Bulbouts in Davis, CA

Davis, CA

Planted sidewalk extensions were added by developer of a mixed-use building on C Street near the Farmers Market.

Bulbouts in Easton Town Center in Columbus,OH

Bulbouts in Easton Town Center in Columbus,OH

Columbus, OH

In Easton Town Center sidewalk extensions have been added to many streets along with inset parking, and a number of sidewalk amenities including contextual lights, trash receptacles, signage, bollards, landscaping, a kiosk, and chairs and tables.

Bulbouts in Encinitas, CA

Encinitas, CA

Landscaped sidewalk extension with a bench and a mosaic trash can. This treatment was given to intersections along historic Route 101 with attention to details, and public art.

Burlington, Iowa: Revitalizing a Struggling Small Downtown

Burlington, IA (Started 1999, Completed 2006)

Burlington, Iowa, was a significant Midwestern river and rail transportation hub from the 1820s til the mid-twentieth century. Manufacturing remains an important component of the local economy, but sprawling suburban development has made it... more

California: Developing and implementing Corridor Master Plans (CMPs)

Two one-day workshops focusing on how CMPs can be used to implement CSS principles to solve transportation & community issues and the mechanics of their funding and implementation in Caltrans. Included a Caltrans project case study, interactive group... more

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