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East Main Street Reconstruction

East Main Street Reconstruction

Westminster, MD

After more than a year of planning and design, the Maryland State Highway Administration's consultants completed their drawings for Westminster, Maryland's, East Main Street's revitalization. However, the administration and public balked at the plan... more

East Side Highway Corridor Study

McLean County, IL (Completed 2010-03)

A 2002 Feasibility Study examined the ability to connect I-55 to I-74 east of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. It explored the impacts of providing a new major facility that would relieve urban traffic congestion and improve regional... more

Edgartown, Massachusetts: Promoting Walkable, Attractive Development on Upper Main Street

Edgartown, MA (Started 1990)

This case study examines ways in which to ensure the character, quality and pedestrian-orientation of historic, downtown main street facing typical, strip commercial, auto-oriented development patterns. The economy of this 19th century whaling... more

Edgewater Drive Before & After Re-Striping Results

College Park, FL (Started 2000, Completed 2001)

"The previous 4-lane configuration of Edgewater Drive [20,000 ADT] did not provide sufficient room for wider sidewalks, bicycle lanes, streetscape and other [neighborhood improvement plan] tasks. The [plan] identified that the only way to eventually... more

El Camino

In recognition of the Spanish migration from the Atlantic coast to the present U.S. Mexico border, each state has designated the roadways the compromise the route as the El Camino East/West Corridor in order to promote tourism and historic... more

Elgin-O'Hare Study Area Map

Elgin O'Hare-West Bypass (EOWB)

(Started 2007)

The study area includes the second largest concentration of employment in Illinois. It is also adjacent to one of the nations busiest airports, within the nexus of 5 interstates, and includes major commuter rail and bus service as well as major... more

Euclid Avenue - Lexington, Kentucky

Euclid Avenue - Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington, KY (Started 2000-04-28, Completed 2000-08-10)

Euclid Avenue is a minor urban arterial and is considered the northern boundary of the University of Kentucky campus. The project involved resurfacing and re-striping of an existing four-lane road into a three-lane roadway with bike lanes over a... more

The $200 million plus project offers the third transit system alternative in the region that will give customers faster, frequent and first class service.

Euclid Corridor Transportation Project

Cleveland, OH

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) is embarking upon a unique and exciting transit system improvement project. The $200 million plus project offers the third transit system alternative in the region that will give customers... more

Eugene A. Carter Memorial Bridge

Charleston, WV (Started 2009-06-06)

This bridge was overdue for cleaning and painting. Also, this bridge is prone to icy conditions in the winter months. It was decided to add a skid-resistant surface to the deck and the approach spans.

Evaluation of in-pavement Flashing Lights

ABSTRACT Three fatal traffic incidents involving pedestrians and vehicles occurred during the 1990s in the vicinity of the subject intersection which has a painted crosswalk as well pedestrian crossing warning signs and adequate nighttime... more

Façades, Festivals, and Footpaths: Greenville, Kentucky’s Downtown Redevelopment

Greenville, KY (Started 2007)

Five years ago if you took a stroll down Main Street in Greenville, Kentucky on a Saturday night you would have likely walked on deteriorated sidewalks, peered into vacant storefronts with dilapidated façades, and felt enveloped by silence and... more

Recycled facade from old Childrenメs Facility will be used on the MCPARC Welcome Center.

Fairmont Gateway Connector: Fairmont, WV

Providing an improved highway link between downtown Fairmont and I-79, the Fairmont Gateway Connector is a multi-phased economic development and transportation project that alleviates congestion while focusing on treasured community... more

MSU Central Campus

Farm Lane Underpasses

East Lansing, MI (Started 2007, Completed 2009)

Eliminating the current at-grade railroad crossings on Farm Lane will increase safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, and decrease response times for emergency vehicles. More than 1 million rail cars travel through this region each... more

Feasibility Study, Maine Route 1

Bath, ME (Completed 2005)

Public Engagement

A key component of the Bath Feasibility Study was public involvement. The outreach program included several public forums including a public goal-setting workshop, a public informational meeting and... more

Fernan Context Photo

Fernan Lake Road

(Started 2000, Completed 2006)

Fernan Lake Road is the primary recreational access to Fernan Lake in northern Idaho. It also provides access to residences, an established shooting range, and the Idaho Panhandle National Forest (IPNF) lands. The road is also used for commercial... more

Final Report - Development of Guidelines for In-Roadway Warning Lights

ABSTRACT An illuminated crosswalk is a relatively new traffic control device that is being used throughout the nation to alert approaching motorists to the presence of pedestrians in or about to enter the crosswalk. It consists of a series of... more

FLORIDA Adapts Existing Performance Measures to Reflect CSS

Three half-day sessions for different audiences: a presentation of recent research on quantifying the benefits of CSS, an interactive workshop to apply performance measures to an FDOT CSS project, and an action planning session. Also prepared... more

The purpose of this project was to replace a low water crossing over the Frio River quickly and with minimum impact on the recreational visitors and the water quality.

FM 1120 Low Water Crossing, Real County, Texas

Real County, TX

The purpose of this project was to replace a low water crossing over the Frio River quickly and with minimum impact on the recreational visitors and the water quality. The crossing was in need of replacement due to a series of floods that had... more

The existing Four Bears Bridge (ND 23) was narrow and could not accommodate existing traffic (functionally obsolete).

Four Bears Bridge Replacement

Four Bears Village, ND

The existing Four Bears Bridge (ND 23) was narrow and could not accommodate existing traffic (functionally obsolete). The new Four Bears Bridge provided a modern bridge that eliminated restrictions posed by the earlier bridge. It also accommodated... more

Ribbon Cutting

Frederick MARC Station and Extension of East Street

Frederick, MD (Completed 2001-01)

The project involved two phases. First, the designers prepared a pedestrian circulation study for the City of Frederick describing existing movement patterns and potential pedestrian routes once the station was complete. Plans were then developed for... more

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