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Gateway 1: Collaborative planning for Midcoast Maine

(Started 2004)

Gateway 1 is a landmark long-term strategic land use and transportation planning project for the Midcoast Route 1 region in Maine. A collaboration amongst communities and state agencies, Gateway 1 explores new ways of combining transportation and... more

Gateway 1 Corridor Action Plan

Brunswick, ME (Started 2009-06-24)

Gateway 1 is a comprehensive U.S. Route 1 corridor transportation / land use strategic plan. The Goal of the plan was to preserve transportation facilities and community quality of life along mid-coast U.S. Route 1. This plan was important to create... more

Grade Separation: Wichita Central Corridor Railroad

Wichita, KS (Started 2005-03, Completed 2008)

In the 1990s, Wichita began to explore the impact of growth on its existing transportation facilities, land use, and development. A specific effort was to assess the increased train traffic going through the city due to the merger of Union Pacific... more

Green Ribbon Project

Houston, TX (Started 1997, Completed 2001)

The purpose of the Green Ribbon Project was to provide the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) with conceptual guidelines to integrate environmental aesthetics with roadway functionality. This project was intended to set forth a broad... more


Hawaii Incorporates CSS Principles and Activities Into Requests for Proposals (RFP) For Consultants

Collection of RFP and proposal evaluation criteria for eight CSS projects from other state DOTs, representing a range of project sizes and scopes.

Hayden, Colorado: Community Visioning Using 3D Scenario Planning Tools

Hayden, CO (Started 2004)

This case study examines ways to efficiently and quickly determine community preferences for balancing new growth and development in a small mountain town. Hayden is a rural town of 1,700 in the Yampa Valley of Colorado, 25 miles down State... more

Before After

Henderson Interstate 215/515 Interchange

Henderson, NV (Started 2005-01-02)

One of the biggest issues facing Nevada DOT is explosive growth rates in the Las Vegas Valley. This growth, along with the accompanying industries and businesses, overwhelmed the highway system's capacity. Part of the solution included building ... more

Henry’s Lake Fish Passages 6

Henry's Lake Fish Passages

The spawning runs on Targhee and Howard Creeks historically produced about 70% of the wild-spawned fish... more

32nd Ave SW After

High Point Redevelopment Street

Seattle, WA (Started 2000, Completed 2009)

The housing stock of this 120 acre redevelopment was in need of replacement. Along with the rebuilding, a thorough re-plating and replacement of the street grid was undertaken. At the same time, the City of Seattle's stormwater utility, Seattle... more

Salem-Keizer Transportation Corridor

High-Priority Transportation Corridor Prototype Plan: Salem-Keizer, Oregon

Salem-Keizer, OR

Instead of just building another road, this community-driven plan applies a multifaceted approach to relieving congestion.

Highway through Aabenraa, Denmark

Highway through Aabenraa, Denmark

Aabenraa (Started 1991)

"The three-km-long, heavily trafficked highway through Aabenraa has been converted according to the principles of environmentally adapted through roads, with due respect paid, however, to the substantial traffic flow. This has reduced car speeds, has... more

Highway through Arnage, France

Highway through Arnage, France

Arnage (Started 1988)

"In Arnage, a suburb of Le Mans, the heavily trafficked main street has been rebuilt in order to improve both traffic safety and the quality of the urban environment."

Highway through Mutzig, France

Highway through Mutzig, France


"Mutzig is one of the many beautiful towns in Alsace, and the conversion that was made of the main street in the 1980s lives up completely to the inherent charm of the town."

Highway through Sdr. Sejerslev, Denmark

Highway through Sdr. Sejerslev, Denmark

Hojer (Started 1990)

"By establishing seven circular humps on the highway through Sdr. Sejerslev the country of Southern Jutland has achieved a considerable speed reduction. An inquiry among the town inhabitants reveals widespread satisfaction with the scheme."

Historic Columbia River Parkway

Historic Columbia River Parkway

Columbia River Gorge, OR

The first paved highway in the northwestern United States, the Columbia River Highway was conceived, designed, and constructed as both a scenic attraction and as a means of facilitating economic development along the Columbia River corridor between... more

Houghton Streetscape and Brick Street Re-Installation

Houghton, MI (Started 2007, Completed 2009)

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Ishpeming Transportation Service Center (TSC) and its partners took an innovative approach on the US-41 Houghton, Michigan, downtown streetscape project by, among other things, actually drawing... more

Houston Levee Road from Wolf River to Macon Road

Memphis, TN (Completed 2010-01)

This four mile long project is intersected by two other major roads in eastern Shelby County. The corridor has long been designated for a typical seven lane urban arterial. When a safety study commissioned by the county Mayor indicated that this... more

Hutchinson, Minnesota: Implementing a Transportation Plan to Accommodate Regional Growth

Hutchinson, MN (Started 1998, Completed 2007)

Home to Hutchinson Technology, Inc. and consumer products manufacturer 3M, Hutchinson MN is a manufacturing town that is also attracting exurban development based on its proximity to the Twin Cities. The town used a context-sensitive solutions... more

I-25 New Pueblo Freeway

Pueblo, CO

Through Pueblo, I-25 serves interstate travel, regional travel to and from Pueblo, and trips with origins and destination within Pueblo. I-25 serves north/south travel, but has created a barrier to east/west mobility. Communities were divided by the... more

Lancaster Ave

I-30/I-35W Interchange Reconstruction - Project Development

Ft. Worth, TX (Started 1991)

Following previous attempt, owners of some adjacent properties proposed for redevelopment filed and won a lawsuit (~1985) to stop further work on design to reconstruct and widen an existing elevated freeway and system interchange through the south... more

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