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Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Indianapolis, IN (Started 2000, Completed 2013-05)

Leaders in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, wanted to make it easier for people to visit the city’s cultural districts, which were disconnected from the heart of downtown and didn’t get the attention they merited. In a city with a successful... more

Indian Vista Point 2

Indian Vista Point

Palms, CA (Completed 2007-07-03)

This project originated because of the need to provide ADA compliance at an existing Vista Point. An original Forest Service interpretive sign needed replacement, and asphalt walks had crumbled. The new sign integrates with native stones and... more

Intermodal Improvements, US-2, Leavenworth

Intermodal Improvements, US-2, Leavenworth

Leavenworth, WA (Started 1994, Completed 1995-09)

The purpose of this project was to improve multiple modes of transportation on US-2 through the community of Leavenworth.

Intersection: Abacoa, Florida

Intersection: Abacoa, Florida

Abacoa, FL

An intersection still awaiting some infill development, but well scaled with its surroundings.

Intersection: Beverly Hills, California

Intersection: Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills, CA

The Crossing of the Stars with a "Barnes dance" operation and compact dimensions.

Intersection: Brighton, Michigan

Intersection: Brighton, Michigan

Brighton, MI

Large intersection with medians, pork chop islands. New design reduced crashes 60%.

Intersection: Durham, New Hampshire

Intersection: Durham, New Hampshire

Durham, NH

A pleasant, compact intersection and fork in the road, with strong emphasis on pedestrians.

Intersection: Holland, Michigan

Intersection: Holland, Michigan

Holland, MI

This shopping street joins and crosses an arterial, and honors pedestrian movements.

Intersection: Honolulu, Hawaii

Intersection: Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, HI

Honolulu has many intersections that use landscaping features to help control pedestrian movements.

Intersection: Kihei, Hawaii (Maui)

Intersection: Kihei, Hawaii (Maui)

Maui, HI

This intersection uses medians, median noses and pork chop islands, narrow lanes, and lush landscaping.

Intersection: Kirkland, Washington

Intersection: Kirkland, Washington

Kirkland, WA

Crosswalks enhance a vibrant shopping street and handle a steady flow of people and cars.

Intersection: La Mesa, California

Intersection: La Mesa, California

La Mesa, CA

Bulbouts were used to keep a compact main street form.

Intersection: Newport, Rhode Island

Intersection: Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, RI

At this large downtown intersection, medians and some median noses were used to make it more pedestrian friendly.

Interstate 10: Papago Freeway

Phoenix, AZ (Completed 1995)

The Papago Freeway runs seamlessly through the middle of downtown Phoenix. From above, sound walls and landscaping conceal the recessed roadway. Pedestrian and bicycle crossings are plentiful. In the heart of downtown, the freeway actually... more

I 15 - Blue Diamond Interchange

Interstate 15 / Blue Diamond Interchange

Las Vegas, NV (Started 2003-09-30)

One of the biggest issues facing Nevada DOT is the Las Vegas area has been growing very fast with projections of further growth. This growth has taxed highway system's capacity with congestion that needs to be addressed as well as other highways on... more

Interstate 405: Context Sensitive Solutions Master Plan


Most people agree, the Puget Sound region of western Washington State is among the most vibrant, progressive, and beautiful locations in the United States. Characterized by towering evergreens, splendid terrain, endless recreation opportunities, a... more

Interstate 70 through Glenwood Canyon, Colorado

(Started 1992)

Strong legislative intent from the US Congress and Colorado state legislature to preserve and protect the canyon iniatiated this project, along with local environmental groups' pressure to protect the canyon.

Interstate 93 - Manchester Interchange

Interstate 93 - Manchester Interchange

Concord, NH (Started 1990, Completed 2000)

Citizens and transportation officials identified a need for aesthetic treatments for the Manchester Interchange and approaching roadways.

Green Street overlay of Town Center collector cross section

Jacksonville Collector and Green Streets Plan

Jacksonville, NC

By developing a network of Green Streets, the City of Jacksonville will improve its stormwater management and simultaneously enhance and expand public open space, along with reinforcing desired land use and transportation patterns.

Journey Through Hallowed Ground Corridor Management Plan

The Partnership sought and received funding to prepare a Corridor Management Plan (CMP) for the following purposes:

  • to identify specific strategies as to how the three states, nine counties, numerous localities, and private and non-profit... more

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