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Access Management Plan: US Highway 10

Detroit Lakes, MN (Completed 2002)

The Access Management Plan for Highway 10 through Detroit Lakes was needed to improve safety and maintain mobility for through traffic while providing appropriate access to the local community.

This project is located in the City of... more

Added Capacity and Noise Walls - SR-527

Added Capacity and Noise Walls - SR-527

Mill Creek, WA (Started 1990)

This project was developed to address congestion on a section of SR-527 between 164th Street SE and 132nd Street SE. SR 527 highway passes through downtown Mill Creek.

Bulbout: Cotati, California

Bulbout: Cotati, California

Cotati, CA

This sidewalk extension is under construction on Old Redwood Highway, a two-lane road in a small rural town.

Bulbouts in Easton Town Center in Columbus,OH

Bulbouts in Easton Town Center in Columbus,OH

Columbus, OH

In Easton Town Center sidewalk extensions have been added to many streets along with inset parking, and a number of sidewalk amenities including contextual lights, trash receptacles, signage, bollards, landscaping, a kiosk, and chairs and tables.

Burlington, Iowa: Revitalizing a Struggling Small Downtown

Burlington, IA (Started 1999, Completed 2006)

Burlington, Iowa, was a significant Midwestern river and rail transportation hub from the 1820s til the mid-twentieth century. Manufacturing remains an important component of the local economy, but sprawling suburban development has made it... more

College/Chapel District - New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven, CT

"...College/Chapel District, encompasses two pleasant, people-filled blocks with a lively diversified environment. The traditional look and feel of this downtown area gives the impression that it has existed this way for many, many... more

Corridor Management Plan: Minnesota Highway 38 Edge of the Wilderness National Scenic Byway

Grand Rapids, MN (Completed 1995)

The purpose of creating a Corridor Management Plan was to coordinate the philosophies and activities of land management agencies with those of the state and county authorities responsible for planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining a... more

CPPW Safe and Complete Streets Plan

SeaTac, WA

The Safe and Complete Streets Plan was part of a larger Public Health - Seattle and King County project to create plans in six King County cities to reduce health inequities and disparities, especially related to obesity. As a national... more

Cutler-Orosi, California: Community-Based Transportation Planning

Orosi, CA (Started 2001)

The two agricultural communities of Cutler and Orosi, CA were struggling with high poverty rates, inadequate water and sewer capacity, and a dangerous traffic problems on the main street/ state highway. Through an innovative design... more

Danville-Riverside Bridge and Approach - Pennsylvania

Danville-Riverside Bridge and Approach - Pennsylvania

Danville-Riverside, PA (Started 1991, Completed 2000)

The project involved replacement of an existing two-lane Parker Through Truss bridge built in 1904 spanning the Susquehanna River, with a new 1,440 foot-long bridge with weathered steel haunched girders. The approach to the old bridge from Danville... more

Downtown Revitalization and Access Improvements, US-395 - Colville

Downtown Revitalization and Access Improvements, US-395 - Colville

Colville, WA

The mixture of significant freight and highway traffic on Main Street with its multiple traffic lights and slower speeds has created congestion, noise, and air quality concerns.

Downtown Revitalization, Safety & Congestion Improvements, SR-14 - Bingen

Downtown Revitalization, Safety & Congestion Improvements, SR-14 - Bingen

Bingen, WA (Completed 2004-08)

The purpose of this project was to reduce traffic congestion through this section of SR-14, which improved safety and traffic flow (mobility). The city of Bingen needed economic revitalization of the downtown corridor, and anticipated that their... more

East Main Street

Westminster, MD (Started 1990, Completed 1994)

One community's concern over the proposed removal of mature trees to widen the main street of a historic district compelled state officials to dispatch a landscape architect to direct the project.

East Main Street Reconstruction

East Main Street Reconstruction

Westminster, MD

After more than a year of planning and design, the Maryland State Highway Administration's consultants completed their drawings for Westminster, Maryland's, East Main Street's revitalization. However, the administration and public balked at the plan... more

Edgartown, Massachusetts: Promoting Walkable, Attractive Development on Upper Main Street

Edgartown, MA (Started 1990)

This case study examines ways in which to ensure the character, quality and pedestrian-orientation of historic, downtown main street facing typical, strip commercial, auto-oriented development patterns. The economy of this 19th century whaling... more

Façades, Festivals, and Footpaths: Greenville, Kentucky’s Downtown Redevelopment

Greenville, KY (Started 2007)

Five years ago if you took a stroll down Main Street in Greenville, Kentucky on a Saturday night you would have likely walked on deteriorated sidewalks, peered into vacant storefronts with dilapidated façades, and felt enveloped by silence and... more

Feasibility Study, Maine Route 1

Bath, ME (Completed 2005)

Public Engagement

A key component of the Bath Feasibility Study was public involvement. The outreach program included several public forums including a public goal-setting workshop, a public informational meeting and... more

Gateway 1: Collaborative planning for Midcoast Maine

(Started 2004)

Gateway 1 is a landmark long-term strategic land use and transportation planning project for the Midcoast Route 1 region in Maine. A collaboration amongst communities and state agencies, Gateway 1 explores new ways of combining transportation and... more

Hayden, Colorado: Community Visioning Using 3D Scenario Planning Tools

Hayden, CO (Started 2004)

This case study examines ways to efficiently and quickly determine community preferences for balancing new growth and development in a small mountain town. Hayden is a rural town of 1,700 in the Yampa Valley of Colorado, 25 miles down State... more

Highway through Aabenraa, Denmark

Highway through Aabenraa, Denmark

Aabenraa (Started 1991)

"The three-km-long, heavily trafficked highway through Aabenraa has been converted according to the principles of environmentally adapted through roads, with due respect paid, however, to the substantial traffic flow. This has reduced car speeds, has... more

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