3500 South EIS, Redwood Road to 8400 West

Purpose and Need Problems and needs identified by the entire project team, including community are best seen on the attached pdf.

The Purpose and Need statement was developed through a collaborative effort between local agencies, the community, and UDOT. The process also included technical analysis of the existing and anticipated (2030) conditions in the corridor. The purpose of this process was to:
  • Analyze transportation and safety conditions in the corridor for all travel modes including non-motorized travel, transit, and vehicular traffic.
  • Understand the varied characteristics and functions of the 3500 South Corridor.
  • Understand public issues, concerns, goals, and needs.
  • Understand the community's values reflected in the 3500 South Corridor.
See also attached pdf of Partnering Agreement.

Stakeholder Engagement All community stakeholders were offered the opportunity to be engaged thru a variety of outreach techniques. Our Project Team engaged over 1000 stakeholders to date including a Public Advisory Committee (PAC) that has been involved since the first month of the project and is participating as key input to our decision making process. Our overall process throughout the EIS decision-making has followed this format:

Engage Community and other Public Stakeholders>>>engage Public Advisory Committee>>>engage Technical Advisory Committee>>>engage Project Management Team>>>engage Sponsor Team (local decision makers)>>>engage FHWA/FTA (federal and ultimate decision makers)

Public Outreach Methods Used to Date:
  • Visioning charrette, including elementary students (5 & 6th grade classes)
  • Public Advisory Committee (residents and business owners)
  • Project Web Page:
  • Newsletters, door to door flyers, hot-line, radio announcements
  • Information Booth: Local Grocery Store (Harmon's), Local Events (Magna's Night Out Against Crime), West Valley City Hall on Wheels (CHOW), School Family Nights
  • Public Open Houses, Neighborhood Group Meetings, Business Group Meetings, Chamber of Commerce'
  • Presentations to City Council, Planning Commissions
  • Adopted Elementary School thru Granite School District "Invest in Futures" - Continuously working with kids on 3500 South Project. Below is website and one photo.

Evaluating Alternatives Development of Alternatives started with the community and the public. The community identified initial alternatives that they thought would help meet the Purpose and Need Elements. We then ran through our process discussed earlier, community, PAC, TAC, PMG, Sponsor to further develop, analyze and screen alternative. The following photos and the web site below show our alternative development and screening to date. Hit the website, then select "alternatives."

Final Product The 3500 South Project (EIS) is still in progress. See attached Concept pdfs for potential solutions.
Further Reading:
PDF Icon    Purpose and Need

PDF Icon    Partnering Agreement

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PDF Icon    Concepts Step 4

PDF Icon    Concepts Step 5

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