U.S. Route 62 Village of Hamburg

Project Abstract

The purpose of the project was to coordinate highway improvements and revitalization efforts in accordance with the Department’s Context Sensitive Solutions philosophy and Environmental Initiative. The intent is to incorporate the Village’s desire for change, improvement and a rebirth of the community into the Department’s basic mission for improving the transportation corridor.

Route 62 in the Village of Hamburg is not only the center of local business, but also a major truck route. As such, the project addressed, safety, capacity,aesthetic context concerns, and infrastructure deficiencies. The New York State Department of Transportation project encouraged collaboration and community engagement, which resulted in in well-informed and community-valued design alternatives.

The addition of the roundabout calms traffic and promotes pedestrian activity in Hamburg's downtown.

The addition of the roundabout calms traffic and promotes pedestrian activity in Hamburg's downtown..
photo credit: Walkable Olean


Twelve years ago the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)proposed an overhaul of U.S. Route 62 to improve the road's utility and level of service. NYSDOT proposed the development of another lane, the removal of parallel parking, and narrowing sidewalks. The community rejected this proposal because they felt that it threatened the livelihood of Hamburg's main street. In turn, NYSDOT implemented CSS principals to improve the road and help Hamburg achieve their goals for their community.

A CSS Approach

A focal component of this project was the formation of a civic group called, "Imagine: Hamburg!" which met regularly and collaborated with New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) on the project. Additionally, NYSDOT retained Walkable Communities, Inc to facilitate a community charrette. The charrette provided a unique opportunity to gauge the community's interest and their needs. The charrette was conducted for three days and involved approximately 300 participants.


After considerable deliberation, the community in conjunction with the NYSDOT, chose traffic calming measures to improve main street and developed four new roundabouts. The roundabouts slowed down traffic along main street and helped revitalize business along the corridor. Traffic calming fostered new pedestrian activity and further promoted the historic character of Hamburg's main street. As evidence of the project's success, Hamburg's main street was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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