Walkable Maine Street Livable Downtown, Brunswick, ME

  • On the walk audit
  • On the walk audit
  • Workshop participants discussing their observations and suggestions.
  • Street Types from Brunswick, ME
  • Two of the options explored for Maine Street
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Project Summary:

The CSS Champions program in Brunswick is intended to highlight and further the town's efforts to apply CSS principles in order to improve walkability on Maine Street (which is a state route) and adjoining streets in Downtown Brunswick. The technical assistance provided applied CSS principles to indentify improvements to traffic flow and “street-friendliness” on Brunswick's Main Street and connecting streets, building off of recommendations made in Brunswick's 2010 Master Plan for Downtown Brunswick and Outer Pleasant Street Corridor. The installation of a traffic signal and change in traffic patterns at the intersection of southbound Route 1 exit ramp and Maine Street in the summer of 2011, gave vehicular traffic direct access into the downtown area via Maine Street. This significant change in traffic flow provided the Town an opportunity to identify and test new traffic-calming measures, offer ideas to improve crosswalks and existing on-street parking areas, as well as explore other examples of adapting Maine Street to its context and making it more walkable.

The technical assistance

(1) evaluated and recommended specific improvements for Maine street, providing precedent images and illustrations of potential options for improvements identified as high priorities

(2) recommend a palette of improvements for additional streets in the study area that support the recommendations in the Downtown Master Plan and further develop and help realize the street types laid out in that plan, providing precedent images and illustrations of potential options for improvements identified as high priorities

(3) helped the town develop a roadmap for how these recommendations can be implemented and made permanent, including possible pilot projects to test the effectiveness of some of the proposed improvements.


The on-site technical assistance component of this CSS Champions project took place on October 3rd and 4th, 2011 in Brunswick, ME. The on-site workshop included a walk audit lead by Dan Burden of the Walkable Livable Communities Institute (WALC), of a 1.1 mile loop formed by Maine Street, Inner Pleasant Street, Cushing Street, and Mill Street in Downtown Brunswick, and a follow-up discussion and identification of priorities. This “walkshop” was attended by a range of local business owners, agency officials, residents, and other stakeholders. The following day, findings from the walkshop were presented by Dan Burden of WALC and Gary Toth of Project for Public Spaces (PPS), at a breakfast hosted by the Brunswick Downtown Association and attended by over 100 local business owners and other stakeholders as well as at a public forum hosted by the Downtown and Outer Pleasant Street Corridor Master Plan Implementation Committee. Additional comments and feedback were collected at both of these presentations.

Resources & Links:

Video of the Bunswick Downtown Association Breakfast Walkability Presentation (11/4/2011)

Video of the Downtown Brunswick Walkability Workshop Forum sponsored by the Downtown and Outer Pleasant Street Corridor Master Plan Implementation Committee (11/4/11)

Slides from closing Presentation by Gary Toth and Presentation by Dan Burden at the Walkability Workshop Forum.

In the News:

Brunswick Times Record: Walking Research Findings Analyzed: Consultants weigh in on downtown Brunswick Traffic

The Coastal Journal: Brunswick downtown plan gets closer look

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