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"Quality transportation design is the culmination of philosophy and principles in the project development process that provides a transportation system that enhances the place in which it serves. Whether a project is in an urban, rural or natural setting, the transportation facility must be in harmony with the community goals and the natural environment. Caltrans seeks to provide its designers and its partners with department policy, guidance and examples to ensure the protection and enhancement of the environment and quality of life while it seeks to meet the multi-modal transportation needs in California."
             —Adapted from Caltrans CSS website

CSS Contact:

Carolyn Dudley
Senior Landscape Architect
Office of State Landscape Architecture Program
1120 N Street, MS-28
Sacramento, CA 95814

CSS Website: and
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Policies & Legislation:

Documents related to CSS Programs:

Other Public Involvement Techniques:

Internal (within the Department), formalized Communication Plans will soon be used for all projects which will define appropriate internal and external stakeholder communication efforts and will be created by then Project Manager for each specific project. Created early in the project development process, these plans will guide communication decisions with all vested stakeholders throughout the project development. The Communication Plan will be developed by the project manager for each project.

Other Documents:

CSS Projects (in addition to those listed as Case Studies on this site):

CSS Training:

Caltrans has completed four separate but complementary CSS training deliveries to internal and external stakeholders and is currently in the process of developing rolling out a 3 day CSS Training series with plans to train approximately 300 Caltrans managers, Design and Structures staff, Traffic Operations engineers, Planners, Construction, Project Management, Right-of-Way, Environmental staff Planners, Maintenance managers, etc., in each of the 12 district offices and in Headquarters. Caltrans also plans to provide this training for external stakeholders such as for local Planning Agencies, Cities and Counties, etc. Training is being developed at the University of California at Berkeley.

CSS Manuals:

Last Modified: April 20, 2011

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