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Indiana's CSS program was initially established on March 3, 2003 and continuously being refined. Indiana's goal is to incorporate CSS into development, construction, and maintenance processes for improvements to state jurisdictional transportation system.
All INDOT projects are to consider using CSS. Currently, CSS is incorporated at various levels in the project development process via means of environmental documentation, public information meetings, project websites, and newsletters.  Approximately 130 environmental design consultants were trained in CSS awareness in 2003.

In 2003, INDOT's commissioner formally adopted a Policy for Context Sensitive Solutions.  In 2006, INDOT selected The Schneider Corporation to serve as their CSS Consultant to formally embark upon integrating CSS into INDOT's system of project delivery.

In addition, in 2006, INDOT began to evaluate the CSS process, looking for ways to better integrate CSS.  An Implementation Plan was created for the on-going development of CSS integration activities.  This plan will serve as a blueprint defining goals and objectives and outlining an approach, identifying critical action items and providing target implementation timeframes associated with integrating CSS principles into INDOT's way of conducting business.

The following goals were developed to summarize the vision and guide the path of CSS integration within INDOT:

  • Identify potential CSS principles and philosophies and select those that are appropriate for incorporation into INDOT's CSS Integration Framework.
  • Integrate CSS principles and philosophies into INDOT planning, project development process, construction and maintenance processes.
  • Develop quantitative and qualitative assessment methodology to measure the effectiveness of CSS.
  • Develop appropriate training and tools for CSS implementation and education.

Steering, Policy, and Technical Advisory Committee members have been identified.  In addition, several pilot projects have been selected to integrate and evaluate the CSS process, program and project.  Finally, INDOT and The Schneider Corporation will formalize CSS training for staff, consultants, and community leaders.

CSS Contact:

Jeanette Wilson
Division of Environment, Planning and Engineering
Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)
(317) 232-5496

DOT Website:

Policies and Legislation:
INDOT Policy for Context Sensitive Solutions
"It is the policy of the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to incorporate context sensitive solutions into the development, construction and maintenance process for improvements to the state jurisdictional transportation system. The process for incorporating context sensitive solutions is intended to establish a basis for the development, construction and maintenance process to incorporate a community’s character and desires in transportation improvements. The context sensitive solution process is intended to be a flexible approach in allowing the latitude to enhance environmental, scenic, historic and unique community elements in a transportation improvement. INDOT believes that the implementation of context sensitive solutions will allow transportation officials with input from community stakeholders to strike a balance between providing safe, cost effective and efficient highway facilities while protecting and enhancing community values.

The establishment of context sensitive solutions incorporates accepted effective design practices. Context sensitive solutions allow ideas such as the preservation of historic places, scenic and natural environmental enhancement, and community values to be considered within the objectives of mobility, safety and economics."

Mr. J. Bryan Nicol, Commissioner
Indiana Department of Transportation
Adopted: 3/3/03
Public Involvement Techniques:
INDOT currently has existing opportunities for public involvement which incorporate CSS Principles including: public information meetings held at various stages of project development, citizen advisory committees, INDOT and project websites, and newsletters.
CSS Training:
Approximately 130 environmental design consultants were trained in 2003. As part of the CSS Implementation Plan, INDOT and The Schneider Corporation intend on formalizing CSS training for staff, consultants, and community leaders as well as creating educational materials for general CSS awareness.
Last Modified: April 16, 2007

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