Last Modified: December 03, 2008

We do not have a specific category of projects that we call CSS. Rather we employ the CSS practices/principles across our program as appropriate. Around 1992, about 80 of our staff throughout KDOT received training through the University of Kentucky and we employ the principles and practices in our project development. Project scopes and designs are developed/confirmed through public involvement depending on the project type, magnitude, and specific features of the project. The goal is to involve interested stakeholders to develop a transportation facility in the context of the Kansas stakeholders.

CSS Contact:

James O. Brewer
Bureau of Design
Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT)
(785) 296-3901  

DOT Website:


Other Public Involvement Techniques:
We have Public Involvement staff at headquarters and in our District Offices. They provide continuous contact with public on a wide range of issues. On specific design projects, in addition to public meetings, news releases and web sites, we employ Corridor Advisory Groups (stakeholders and interested citizens) and Technical Advisory Committees (technical representatives of local governments) for guidance and feedback. We have also employed kiosks and drop-in centers at convenient sites near the projects. On occasion, we schedule and meet one-on-one with interested individual stakeholders at or near their residence/business.
CSS Training:
About 80 staff members throughout the agency (Design, Planning , Environmental Services, Legal, Construction) will be trained by the University of Kentucky.
Last Modified: December 03, 2008

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