Last Modified: October 19, 2010

We do not have a formal program. However, on all major projects, we involve all identified stakeholders, hold numerous public meetings and hearings to gather public input, and we work closely with these groups to develop mutually agreeable solutions to their concerns.

CSS Contact:
Kristena Shigenaga, Asst. Chief of Roadway Design
Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)
1263 S. Stewart Street, Suite 401
Carson City NV 89712
Phone: (775) 888-7490
Fax: (775) 888-7401 

DOT Website:

CSS Training:

We do not have any training programs currently scheduled but do intend to have additional classes, seminars or workshops in addition to the one CSS seminar our entire professional design staff attended, numbering approximately 75. A combination of Consultant staff, FHWA and NDOT Staff preformed the training.

CSS Projects:

The I-580 extension between Reno and Carson City is considered a CSS project. It is currently under construction. NDOT is currently working on several capacity projects that involve CSS principals such at the I-15 at F Street project.
  • NDOT Landscape and Corridor Plans

    Other Public Involvement Techniques

    NDOT has recently begun holding public meetings that cover multiple projects that are closely related. This process helps raise the awareness of the various projects in an area that may impact the public and how they interconnect. We have been using social networking to get information out as well.
    Last Modified: October 19, 2010

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