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RIDOT has been practicing many of the principles of CSS for almost 10 years. Public Involvement is a key element in our project development process. However, we have formalized this within the Department since last fall, by issuing a Design Policy Memo. We are in the process of developing a 1-day CSS course (given by RIDOT and FHWA) and have given this seminar only once. This was a pilot seminar attended by approximately 20 people from RIDOT. We are in the process of refining this course after receiving comments from the participants. We are also planning on modifying the course to give to our Construction Residents on March 9-10, 2004. CH2M Hill's CSS 2-day class will be given on March 30-31, 2004, and 15 members of RIDOT will attend.

CSS Contact:

Susan J. Votta, RLA, ASLA
Supervising Landscape Architect
401-222-2023 ext. 4468

DOT Website:

Policies & Legislation:
CSS Design Policy Memo
Other Public Involvement Techniques:

We currently have 2 workshops on major projects. One is held at the very beginning of the project before any work has started. The only things we present at this first public meeting is the constraint mapping for the project and we have the Landscape Architect Consultant prepare a Visual Inventory. At this meeting we take suggestions from the public on what they think should be incorporated into the project. We often have a Design Committee, which includes members from the Public. We continually coordinate with the community's governing body. After the conceptual design is complete, we have another public meeting to present the concept plans. Comments from the public are then received. All formal comments from both workshops (taken from a steno or mailed in) are answered by the Department. The Department also addresses comments from the community's governing body. After the governing body of the community accepts the project's concept design, we then proceed to final design. Coordination with the community continues throughout the construction phase of the project.

CSS Projects (in addition to those listed as Case Studies on this site):

County Rd in Barrington, RI - Streetscape Project
Contact: Barbara Petrarca

CSS Training:

Approximately 20 people (from Design, Construction, Maintenance, Environmental, Intermodal and Real Estate) attended our 1 day pilot course, 15 more will attend the CH2M Hill 2-day course, all our Construction Residents will attend our 1 day course). There will be approximately 150 trained after these 3 courses. We hope to have everyone trained over the next year. Consultants doing work for the Department should also be trained. The 1-day seminar is given by RIDOT and FHWA. The 2-day course will be given by CH2M Hill. (The only thing we are using as a tool is NCHRP Report 480.)

Last Modified: October 19, 2010

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