Last Modified: September 22, 2010

CSS Contact

Timothy Stark
Environmental Services Program Manager
Wyoming Department of Transportation
(307) 777-4379

DOT Website:



Policies & Legislation
WYDOT currently has a CSS amenities policy that is currently on the CSS website. The program remains the same per the last review. However, a corporate CSS training program was just conducted this week by FHWA resource office.
CSS Documents, Manuals, Articles
WYDOT created the MOU with the US Forest Service and FHWA. This was a product from 6 Conflict Resolution Workshops that were designed around CSS principles. Wyoming has 8 National Forests and there was great variety in operating procedure. This brought everything into one document.

WYDOT worked with US Fish & Wildlife Service to create the Programmatic Biological Opinion. This is also a product of CSS and was just recently updated.

CSS Projects
CSS principles have been incorporated into all of our projects that are either at a EIS or EA level. This is standard practice. These projects will be provided as time allows.
Other Public Involvement Techniques
This is the handbook for carrying out public involvement at WYDOT. This is incorporated in all of WYDOT's CSS work.
Last Modified: September 22, 2010

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