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Quote Icon "... a standard approach to easing traffic is to widen streets and facilitate movement of vehicles, whereas traffic calming looks for ways to marrow them in a manner that eases the comfort and use of both vehicles and pedestrians, as well as... more
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Quote Icon "The definition of community requires consideration of both people and place. The people might include the total population of any geographic place or one or more identifiable smaller groups of people. Sometimes a community might include people... more
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),
from Community Culture and the Environment: A Guide to Understanding a Sense of Place
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Quote Icon "Highway projects can be designed with imagination, creativity, and collaboration to preserve and enhance the character and quality of a community without sacrificing transportation mobility and safety."
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officals (AASHTO) Info Tab Icon
Quote Icon "Lately, people have been talking increasingly about loss of place. What theyre describing is the kind of place that has been special in their lives and has given them a strong sense of community."
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Quote Icon "Measures in places like in Birmingham, Michigan, show reduced speeds of 10-15 mph when street trees are present on same width streets. Landscaping is now considered a primary component of traffic calming."
Dan Burden,
from Building Communities With Transportation
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Quote Icon "The term modern roundabout is used in the United States to differentiate modern roundabouts from nonconforming traffic circles or rotaries that have been in use for many years. Modern roundabouts are defined by two basic operational and design... more
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officals (AASHTO),
from A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets (Green Book)
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Quote Icon "Traffic engineers are always talking about enhancements in terms of trade-offs, but its not a trade off to add landscaping and curb extensions and make the street safer for pedestrians and drivers alike. Even if improving the road for all users... more
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Quote Icon "We established goals and developed design concepts with the task force from building face to building face rather than from curb to curb. we considered lane widths in light of the whole road as it passes through the town. If we went from 10-foot... more
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