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Quote Icon "Consistency in road conditions contributes greatly to safety. A stretch of road that is too narrow, too curvy, too steep may in fact be safer than the same stretch with several short improved sections. This is because motorists get an idea of... more
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Quote Icon Context Sensitive Solutions is more than an initiative, it is a fundamental change in the way we do business. As each of us come to understand the elements of CSS, it will be woven into the way we do our work and become an integral part of the UDOT... more
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Quote Icon "Developing an effective public involvement program is a strategic effort that requires assembling a selection of techniques to meet the needs of a given transportation plan, program, or project. Current Federal statutes and regulations derived... more
U.S. Department of Transportation,
from Public Involvement Techniques for Transportation Decision-Making,September 1996
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Quote Icon "Each Federal Agency shall make achieving environmental justice part of its mission by identifying and addressing, as appropriate, disproportionately high and adverse human health or environmental effects of its programs, policies, and activities on... more
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA),
from Environmental Justice and Transportation: Building Model Partnerships Community Workshop Proceedings,1999
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Quote Icon "Transportation officials are required to make a good faith effort to identify historic properties that may be affected by a transportation project and gather sufficient information to evaluate the eligibility of these properties for the... more
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Quote Icon "Speed choice is affected be the look and feel of the road environment. Road signs play an important part in explaining aspects of the road environment to drivers, especially maximum safe speeds."
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Quote Icon "The cost of context-sensitive design is not the issue. The demand for this type of design has become an expectation of our society. Spending more time up front planning with community involvement will save costs - and time - by not having to... more

from Thinking Beyond the Pavement Conference
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Quote Icon "Transportation corridors, whether a main street or a scenic road, and transit facilities whether a simple bus stop or a major train station, are natural focal points for communities. To view them as catalysts for strengthening community life... more
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Quote Icon Youre not even using your roads until you get to LOS D.
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