Archeological Context

Visible, physical evidence of past human life or activities describes the Archeological Context.

We are often not the first to tread this path. Archaeological resources:
  • Are visible, physical evidence (i.e. ruins, artifacts, structural remains, etc.) of historic or prehistoric human life or activity;
  • Are capable of being inventoried and interpreted;
  • Have scientific significance;
  • Are resources of a type that cannot be commonly found throughout the region or in other parts of the country; and
  • May provide evidence to support the historic and cultural contexts.

Info tab Icon -- National Scenic Byways Program
Byway Beginnings: Understanding, Inventorying, and Evaluating a Byway's Intrinsic Qualities

Article Icon Mn/Model Statewide Archaeological Predictive Model
"An archaeological predictive model is a tool that indicates the probability of encountering an archaeological site anywhere within a landscape. These are sometimes referred to as archaeological sensitivity maps because they indicate that some locations are more sensitive than others for cultural resources. These maps are beneficial for transportation and land-use planning. If construction projects can be modified to avoid areas where archaeological sites are predicted to occur, the result is more cost effective planning."
--  Minnesota Department of Transportation
Article Icon National Archeological Database
"The National Archeological Database, a computerized communications network for the archeological and historic preservation community, is an internationally recognized source of information on public archeology. NADB ("Nad-Bee") was established to meet a congressional directive to improve access to information on archeological activities nationwide."
--  National Park Service Archeology and Ethnography Program

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