Citizen Advisory Committees

A civic advisory committee is a representative group of stakeholders that meets regularly to discuss issues of common concern. While these groups are often called citizens' advisory committees, the term civic is sometimes used, since citizenship is not a requirement for participation. Civic advisory committees (CACs) have been used for many years and are not in themselves innovative, yet they can be used very creatively. For example, a CAC was used in Louisiana to find consensus on environmental issues for input to public agencies. In Florida a CAC advised on designs for deployment of a traffic information system. Read more about Why are they useful? Who participates? and how? How do agencies use the output? What are the basic features? Who leads it? How is it organized? Contact these Transportation Authorities for information about their CACs.

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A Civic Advisory Committee has these basic features:

  • interest groups from throughout a State or region are represented.;
  • meetings are held regularly;
  • comments and points of view of participants are recorded;
  • consensus on issues is sought but not required; and
  • a CAC is assigned an important role in the process.
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Community people serve on policy and decision-making committees and boards. They represent groups organized around civic, environmental, business, or community interests, or specific geographic areas, or they serve as individual experts in a field. They need not be elected officials or agency staff. Some boards make decisions; others help formulate policy. These boards are established by statute, regulation, or political decision. Ad hoc committees are set up by legislative acts or executive decision to investigate specific subjects. They may be temporary or permanent.
--  Federal Highway Administration

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