CSS and Other Initiatives

CSS plays a key role in community planning movements like smart growth, new urbanism, and placemaking.

Complete Streets
  Complete Streets are streets that have been designed and operated to enable safe access for all users.
CSS, Transportation and Livable Communities
"Transportation corridors, whether a main street or a scenic road, and transit facilities whether a simple bus stop or a major train station, are natural focal points for communities. To view them as catalysts for strengthening community life necessitates a shift away from the way transportation has traditionally been conceived." - Project for Public Spaces for the Transportation and Livable Communities Consortium
CSS and Placemaking
  Placemaking is a bottom-up process that empowers communities to shape the places they live in.
CSS, Transportation and Smart Growth
  "Providing people with more choices in housing, shopping, communities, and transportation is a key aim of smart growth. Communities are increasingly seeking these choices -- particularly a wider range of transportation options -- in an effort to improve beleaguered transportation systems ... [They] are beginning to implement new approaches to transportation planning, such as better coordinating land use and transportation; increasing the availability of high quality transit service; creating redundancy, resiliency and connectivity within their road networks; and ensuring connectivity between pedestrian, bike, transit, and road facilities. In short, they are coupling a multi-modal approach to transportation with supportive development patterns, to create a variety of transportation options." -Smart Growth Online
CSS and New Urbanism
  "Managing growth, reducing traffic, creating sustainable development, and making smart transportation investments; these are all challenges we face today. New Urbanism is a development strategy that addresses these issues and more by creating communities that are livable, walkable, & sustainable, while raising the quality of life."
CSS and Active Living by Design
  Active transportation provides opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to engage in daily physical activity while engaging in routine transportation.

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